On the threshold of New Year, we’d like to offer you to get acquainted with the main trends in the area of software development. In 2020 the sphere was impacted by a health and economic crisis. This has led to the appearance of new trends. Let’s review them to see how the industry develops.

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Trend №1: 5G is here again!

There was a lot of debate about 5G technology in 2020. It changes the way we connect and communicate. Some people even thought that COVID-19 was caused by 5G. Of course, scientists disapproved of this fact. The fire went away. …

Managing a remote team provokes reasonable questions. Which strategy should be chosen and which personal and professional qualities could help to implement the strategy? In fact, a remote team manager, who wants to be effective, needs a set of necessary skills.

1. Build your own team values.

It can sound weird, but nowadays only a few managers tell each developer or another IT-specialist, how important their job is for the final product. Implementation of such a simple task helps workers to realize their self-worth and importance for the company. Also, setting common goals helps your team to prosper. Because everybody combines their own and general goals…

Elearning industry will cost $243 billion by 2022. Despite the high demand on elearning platforms for courses and corporate training, to be useful and popular they must comply with a number of requirements. As usual, the main requirements are related to cross-platform, ease of use, and security. In this article you can read about the best elearning platforms for online courses. Also, we will dig deeper into peculiarities of Learning Management Systems, their features, and possibilities of the implementation.

TOP elearning platforms

1. Udemy

This platform is well-known as one of the biggest courses providers. In general, the platform has nearly 40 million…

Classification of e-learning platforms depends on criteria that will be taken into account. Modern systems that are alternatives to traditional classrooms may imply one-on-one or group learning with wide use of video-based content, microlearning, and other instruments.

Specific categories of e-learning platforms are online courses with no time restriction, training for employees, and platforms for teachers. Let’s overview all factors of classification and main types of e-learning platforms.

All existing e-learning platforms are classified on free and commercial. As usual, free platforms can fit your requirements if you need to conduct any simple training one time. This software can be…

E-learning products — from learning management systems to applications — make the educational process more convenient and fascinating. Furthermore, due to COVID-19, innovative methodologies for distance learning are becoming more and more popular because universities and school systems move to online learning. Also, a lot of basic jobs, where the training of employees is a mandatory condition, have become partly or fully remote.

This article focuses on various facts that are related to the industry of e-learning. Let’s find out its development, peculiarities, and technological innovations. Also, you have a chance to read about predictions related to e-learning. …

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