Types of eLearning platforms

  • Ability to build motivating and exciting courses adding gamification elements and combining different types of content.
  • Reducing of costs and time that are spent on the processes of learning and development.
  • Quick adding of any new compliance regulation.
  • Possibility to integrate tools related to social media education.
  • Availability of various types and formats of learning.
  • Opportunity to generate additional profit (commercial courses via company’s LMS system can be used for sales).

ELearning platforms — where it all goes

It’s obvious that e-learning platforms must be task-oriented, personalized, user-friendly, and adapted to the customer needs. In the coming years, their development will be directly related to VR/AR and ML tools. These instruments help to make LMS platforms for education better. Cloud storage will be used for them in connection with a large amount of data. At the same time, gamification elements can help to engage more users with increasing levels of motivation and interest. Quests combined with badges and other awards for successful passing of any stage will be the keys to success.



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